Smart Foodmanagement

EATY – the first product of the Smart Office series is now also being tested in Carinthian schools

EATY, the first product from our Smart Office series, enables students of the BRG Viktring and HAK Villach to order their meals conveniently online and the school buffet operators are able to prepare the meals in a resource-saving way. By making it easier to plan the food required, overproduction and the waste of valuable food can be avoided.

After Lower Austrian and Tyrolean schools have already introduced the digital food management system, the Carinthian Education Department has now decided to test EATY in two Carinthian schools too. The background of the initiative is a motion of the students parliament according to which the school buffet offer must become more biological and regional. Through the digital menu plan, EATY manages to make the ingredients transparent and thus raise awareness among the pupils.

Further information about the project at the two Carinthian schools can be found in the article in the Kronen Zeitung from 03. February 2020.