Improved Intranet of MedUni Graz

Digital information and communication platform
for employees and students of the Medical University of Graz

Digital information and communication platform
for employees and students of the Medical University of Graz

The new intranet Muniverse was launched in October 2018. The Medical University of Graz opted for SharePoint and IMENDO and was convinced by this successful combination. This is where efficiency meets usability.

The key communication platform offers many advantages: On the one hand, employees can now view the latest news, important information and upcoming events within the intranets main page and are no longer bothered with tons of e-mail notifications.

On the other hand, the tried and tested IMENDO Control Center was implemented, which offers a comprehensive, intuitive interface and displays functions in a consistent manner. This means an enormous simplification of data input for all editors responsible for entering news and information.


Another major milestone was successfully implemented together with the project team of the Medical University of Graz.

A useful refresh was carried out on the existing communication platform during the last months. The intranet of the Medical University of Graz was not only given a new logo, but it was also enhanced with some attractive new features. Just in time for the start of the new semester in October 2019, the communication platform was accessible to all employees and students. The access of all members to a single platform is not only a huge relief, but also reduces administrative effort and at the same time promotes a more efficient exchange of information. The exchange platform 'Think/g Tank' was introduced to support the latter even more.

Think/g Tank' is a knowledge and object exchange platform designed to make it easier for employees and students to search, find and offer a wide variety of topics and objects. Whether using the platform to exchange know-how, to search for cooperation partners for research questions or literature references, or if you are interested in car-sharing or on apartment hunt: ‘Think/g Tank’ has it all – simple, well-structured and quick.


Together for one another

During the last semester another feature for effortless communication within MUniverse was implemented: the blog! Since the beginning of the summer semester 2020, various blog channels have been regularly informing staff and students about current topics. The blog is displayed right on the start page in MUniverse, making it easily accessible and a perfect addition. 😊