Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Knowledge instead of data

Business intelligence and data analyses are used for the structuring of data. After a corresponding analysis, the information is modelled and processed. The visualisation provides you with charts and diagrams that display your data in an easily-understandable manner and makes it possible to create forecasts for future development that can be directly incorporated into your strategic planning.

Highlights & Features

  • great evaluation options
  • customized composition
  • sound information base
  • comprehensible preparation and fast availability


A glance at the product

With our Business Intelligence solutions we bring structure into your data. We support you in simply structuring, analysing and preparing data.



The Power BI dashboards enable us to structure, analyse and format data. They provide us with data and we make this readable and usable. The processing of figures and visualisation using charts enable information to be shown clearly.


Machine learning and big data are aids that can be used to optimise data preparation and analysis. The evaluation enables the data to be understood better, and the information obtained to be incorporated into your strategic planning.


The creation of forecasts goes hand in hand with machine learning and big data. These methods are used to analyse the existing data and use this as the basis for creating forecasts. The more historic data is available, the more accurate the forecasts.


PowerPivot enables complicated calculations to be simplified and automated. The data are prepared according to a particular model, and relevant information is displayed for the specific usage in tables. At the same time, you retain all the data and can recompile them for the next specific usage.


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