Ablage, Versionierung, Archiv und Suche

Filing, Versioning, Archive and Search

DocHub is an intuitive document management system.

Dokumentenverwaltung im Intra- und Extranet

Document management in intra- and extranet

DocHub can be implemented in all intra- and extranets.

Möglichkeit zur Einbindung von Workflows

Possibility to integrate workflows

User-friendly design and automated workflows guaranteed.

Dokumentenablagesystem von IMENDO

Document filing system from IMENDO

DocHub was developed by IMENDO and is constantly being expanded.

DocHub in detail

DocHub combines the strengths of the Microsoft SharePoint platform in the field of document management with an intuitive, modern and on all devices optimally functioning user interface. The disadvantages of SharePoint in the area of document management and archiving, such as too large content databases or limitations for a large number of documents, are compensated by DocHub, so that even archives with hundreds of terabytes are possible without problems. Targeted document control has never been easier with the help of the integrated workflow engine and guarantees that your documents are filed in compliance.

A glance at the product

DocHub was developed by IMENDO and is constantly being expanded. The application gives you and your employees convenient access to the document management system, which facilitates productive work in the system. The clear design is user-friendly and automated workflows are also a must.

Areas of application for DocHub



Can be implemented in all extranets based on Microsoft SharePoint.



Can be implemented in all intranets based on Microsoft SharePoint.


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