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Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise platform that enables you to organize your data and information. By using Microsoft SharePoint, you can make your day-to-day business more productive and efficient. SharePoint centralizes the collaboration of all employees and completely redefines collaboration.

We support you with the implementation and adapt the user interface and features according to your requirements. Microsoft SharePoint can be implemented as a cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution.

Highlights & Features

  • user-friendly interface
  • easier project management and teamwork
  • support of business processes
  • useful search functions
  • compatibility with social networks

A glance at the product

Microsoft SharePoint is a business platform that enables you to organize your data. By using Microsoft SharePoint, you can make your day-to-day business more efficient.




The intranet serves as a company-internal website for the employees of your company. Employees and teams receive information on current and relevant topics on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a document storage system and individually adapted to your requirements.


With an extranet, you have full control over your data and documents. You determine who has access and can adapt the authorizations at any time. You can communicate, plan and exchange documents and information with your partner companies in an uncomplicated, traceable and secure way.

Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration spaces are areas of an intranet or extranet that are used for planning, communication and the visualisation of projects. In this area, plans can be controlled and displayed clearly for team members, so that employees gain an overview of the current project status and its further course.

Workflows, Apps & Webparts

Workflows, apps and web parts make your work easier in the intranet and extranet. They are enhancements and help tools that are implemented into the Microsoft SharePoint system. They include, among other things, our own developments: the DocHub document management system, the Sticky Notes note-writing function and the FileButler document transfer system. In addition, workflows, apps and web parts can also be developed in accordance with your requirements.

Suitable products

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes provides a secure note function for exchange between colleagues and business partners and can be quickly and easily integrated into Microsoft SharePoint.



DocHub combines the strengths of the SharePoint platform in the range of document management with an intuitive, modern and on all devices optimally functioning user interface.



FileButler is the secure and fast data transfer solution for intra- and extranet, including user access control and easy pre-authorization for transfer via one-time password.


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