Smart Office

Better use of resources

Better use of resources

The Smart Office solutions from IMENDO will save your organisation an enormous amount of time and resources.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Processes can be controlled via PC, tablet or smartphone - from the office or on the road.

Comprehensive solution

Comprehensive solution

By networking the various Smart Office solutions, work processes are optimized.

Smart Office in detail

The Smart Office solutions have the goal of making your own office more intelligent and thus saving you tedious organizational work. IMENDO offers you a holistic solution for optimising internal processes - from planning meetings, events or conferences to organising and ordering food.

The first product in IMENDO's Smart Office series is EATY® - the spicy digital food management. Versatilely applicable in canteen kitchens for ordering food up to ordering the catering for conferences and events, EATY® offers a simplified ordering, logistics and billing process. It has never been easier to control and improve the processes in a commercial kitchen.

A glance at EATY

EATY® was developed by IMENDO and is a simple menu planning system for your canteen kitchen. It can be used in many ways. Whether in social and health care facilities, educational institutions or in companies with a company canteen. With the help of the digital meal management system you can manage meal orders quickly and easily - without any annoying paperwork. Because your guests order their desired menu in advance via smartphone, PC or terminal. The food distribution system is uncomplicated thanks to authentication via NFC chip in the canteen. Due to the resulting better planning of the required food, overproduction in your canteen kitchen can be prevented and the waste of valuable food can be avoided.

Areas of application for EATY

private and public enterprises

With EATY you've got everything under control!

social services and health facilities

Plan ahead with EATY! 

educational establishments

Have fun studying without being hangry!


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